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Thursday, November 22, 2012

today (and every day), i have a million and one things for which to be thankful, with family and friends being at the top of my own list. the 'thankful in november' thing seemed to be pretty huge on facebook this year, and i love reading what everyone posted...

but it's never floated my boat because i really do make a conscious effort to appreciate what i have at the end of each day. on the good old life list, it's actually listed twice: once as 'practice daily gratitude' and the second time as 'celebrate life's gifts each day'.

i feel like a very lucky person who has been blessed probably more than necessary in too many ways to count, and i'm not complaining a single bit. i truly do appreciate each and every one of my blessings.

spending time in the middle of nowhere with the girls gave me plenty to appreciate...what a beautiful place! here are a few of my favorite pictures from our time at the ranch.

these two had a blast on the polaris...they can be so girly-girl, and then so rough and rugged. either way, it seems to be the simplest things in life that keep them happy.

the youngest gets the gate. apparently, this is a long-standing ranch rule. she was perfectly fine with that rule.

i grew up about two hours away from this ranch, so driving down the red dirt roads gave me lots of time to appreciate everything around me.

happy as a long-horned lark...

here's my quintessential texas picture: a cow (she tried to run off at first) who wanted me to get her picture by the tank and the windmill.

i think this was called dry salt creek - which made me laugh. dry. salt. creek. there's an oxymoron somewhere in there, i think, or at least a little bit of irony.

gate work isn't for the faint of heart, and after about two hours of driving around, jay was worn smooth out.

we found so many deer stands, and the views were amazing.

this was exactly how my sweet cee wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday. on a ranch, with her family, playing outside. such a simple request, and there isn't very much that i wouldn't do for her. she would eat brownies for every meal if i would let her, and i hope she enjoyed her time there as much as i think she did.

as much fun as i had, and as much time as i had to just 'be', i have to tell you that i don't do well without quick access to internet connections.

i realized that major world events could have unfolded and i would have no idea. i realized that i am a little too in to fantasy football and i don't like not being able to make roster changes. i realized that even though i'm not a huge twitter follower, i miss it when it's gone.

i realized that as long as i have the girls by my side, there isn't too much else that i need.

i realized there are so many things i take for granted, and i guess that was an unintended side effect of my journey to the unknown:

more time to appreciate things in the sense of absence makes the heart grow fonder. i'm not exactly sure where that falls on the spectrum of lessons learned, but it's definitely something.

here's jay's list of greatness, which made my heart smile...

i hope you and your families had a wonderful, safe, and relaxing thanksgiving, and i hope your turkey naps were good to you. until next time, peace...

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