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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

in just a few minutes, i'm leaving for the land of the unknown.

there's very little cell service where i'm going, and at best, there might be a dial-up connection. this alone is what i imagine that hell is probably like. you'd think i'm going on a foreign mission extravaganza to a third world country, but really, i'm only going a few hours north.

but still...

who doesn't have wireless or high speed internet access? it's 2012, people.

these two lovelies are the ultimate goal of my destination, which means that i can't wait to have them in my arms again...and that will be heavenly!

i can't wait to rescue them from the sugar and caffeine-induced madness to which they've been exposed.

not really. their dad tends to mess with me via the pictures he sends my way. he has probably been feeding them veggie dogs on organic whole grain buns with tofu cheese and a side of roasted root vegetables (also organic) and filling their days with other healthy things like sunshine and laughter and breathing in plenty of fresh, unpolluted air.

but i need to see them and hug them and hold them in my arms...just to be sure my suspicions are correct. :)


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