friday's flock of faux-feathered friends

Saturday, November 10, 2012

yesterday, the girls and i got in the car to head to school, and when i opened the garage door, jay literally squealed. and then she said 'guys! there are flamingos in our yard!' not something i was expecting to hear.

what a super fun start to our day!!

rumor has it that mama o and her brood may have had a part in bringing these lovely visitors to our yard...the gift that keeps giving. i love them so much that i kind of want them to stay. but, knowing a good thing when i see it, i'm more than happy to donate to the cause at hand.

and speaking of getting flocked, my work email also got flocked yesterday in its own special kind of way. without getting into too much detail, a tech guy came to fix a problem with my email. in doing so, he inadvertently sent three emails to the entire district...from me.

the first one was called 'test', the second one was called 'dsgrhagrkl', and the third one was called '1234567890'. now, i'm not sure, but for some reason i feel like these emails would be been received more favorably if they at least contained a coherent, articulate message like 'testing group list'.

regardless, i had about 100 replies in less than two minutes of those emails being sent, and none of the replies i got were from people who were amused. even worse, instead of hitting reply, there are a lot of people in the district who have their settings fixed on 'reply all', so the irritated replies didn't just go to me. i may or may not have shed a few lots of tears.

among my favorite replies were:
-what are you testing and when can you stop? {wish i knew}
-have you been hacked? {yes, sort of}
-who do i contact to stop receiving your emails? {your guess is as good as mine}
-can you please unsend your original message so we stop getting all of these? {seriously? seriously.}
-please make it stop! {i would if i could}
-do you realize you're sending a lot of email messages? {again - seriously? seriously.}
-this is getting very annoying. {charming}
-followed by: i agree; and me too; and yes. {even more charming}

if it's never happened to you, trust me when i tell you that it's surprisingly alarming to get so many negative emails in such a short time frame - for something that wasn't your doing. it's weird to feel attacked and have no control over it.

i have to tell you, though, that these sweet smiles are all it takes to make everything better in my world.

and these guys also really know how to put a flocking smile on my face.

in case you were wondering what's up with the flock of flamingos, it's a fund raiser for project graduation. $10 to shoo them away, $15 to relocate them, and $20 for a no-return guarantee. this flock will be landing at a nearby elementary school in the very near future (sniff, sniff...i may need to make a flamingo purchase of my own...even my elderly neighbor friends are enjoying their company!).

today is cee's last soccer game of the season which means i'll have a few free weekends before jay's basketball season starts. always fun things to do and see. alright, we're off to enjoy our flocking weekend. hope you'll do the same!



Mrs.Campbell said...

Poor thing! Technology = not my friend. Could have happened to anyone! At least you got a blog post out of it! :)

it's just me... said...

Thanks, Mrs. Campbell. :) Blogging is always the silver lining!! Hope all is well - love the Kedzie pics. :)

Mama O. said...

So sorry you got email flocked. But LOVE the flamingos! Can't imagine who would send those gorgeous creatures (man down) to you and your precious girls. So glad it brightened your days! Gotta spread the love - and the $$. Project Graduation is a super cause, keeping our kids safe while the celebrate.

it's just me... said...

Thanks, Mama O - I agree that Project Graducation is an excellent way to keep our kids celebrating safely. Did I ever tell you that Project Graduation is where I learned to play Blackjack? And possibly Craps? Circa 1993. Good things abound from unexpected places... :)

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