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Tuesday, November 13, 2012




it's been on my mind for the last 9 days.

the girls and their dad brought me the best lasagna ever for my birthday (which i've somehow managed not to mention until now). there is a divine little italian slice of heaven in downtown austin called carmelo's. they brought me the lasagna di manzo, and i swear it was the best thing i've ever, ever eaten.


i think the sauce had braised short ribs in it, and i think there were thinly sliced portabellas in there. regardless, whatever composed this fabulous dish was magical.

and don't even get me started on the side of broccoli mousse that came with it.

i made up my mind that i was going to recreate the lasagna on my own because i feel like something that great should be readily available to me at all times, without driving 15 miles and paying $18.

sunday i finally settled on giada's version. just to be clear, she and i have entirely different things in mind when we tell you something is easy to make.

for the next two and a half hours, i felt like martha as i bechamelled, mireproixed, and chiffonaded. i diced just like the recipe said. i tended to my sauces so they wouldn't scorch. i gently mixed this ingredient with that. i even folded and tempered.

and guess what...

it was just okay. i love giada...but this was not what i expected.


i feel like my life is suddenly incomplete - like i'm missing the keys to the universe, in the name of a recipe for the yummiest lasagna in the whole wide world.

or maybe i just need a key to carmelos. alas, my search continues.

in the meantime, if you have a great recipe for some great lasagna, feel free to share!!

peace and pasta...

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Mama O. said...

Tried and true - use any meat, ground beef, ground pork, ground turkey or the italian sausage. Leave out the goat cheese, which I LOVE but is really, really weird and stir half a jar of prepared pesto into the ricotta so it doesn't taste so ricotta-y. I make it all the time. Heart!

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