a false sense of security?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

austin is a very liberal area. tonight, while watching the election results as they come in to cnn, i finally found something negative about living in such an amazing place as austin:

i've determined that surrounding yourself with a highly liberal demographic, while generally entertaining, exhilerating, and liberating, can create an air of a false positive.

when you see that we're a large group of blue liberals who are actually squished smack dab in the center of a bunch of 'red', you get a wicked gut-punch reality check.

no matter how you slice it, we're hunkered down on our own in a predominately red state.

and when you see the maps, even on cnn, that highlight how red your state actually is and how surrounded by red your state actually is, it causes lots of additional stress for a blue person like myself (yes, i realize my granny is probably shushing me right now).

so here's my question for you. do liberal people in the solid/consistently blue states stress as much as i do on election night? i swear i take away a few years of my life on the first tuesday of november, every four years.

it is my bed time (okay, fine - it's past my bed time), and i can't wait to wake up in the morning for some 'official' results.

peace and polling fun...

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