sweet moments (and a chick) in the midst of conflict

Friday, October 5, 2012

it was conflict week in my classroom...the literary kind of conflict. i love conflict week.

i hate conflict, but i love conflict week.

last night i was showing cee and jay my powerpoint...cee was pretty on board with me because she's learning about some of the same things. there were two moments in the middle of my powerpoint where they made my mamma heart happy.

this was the cartoon i used to show man v. self conflict...

cee said, 'oh, cool. this reminds me of the robert frost poem...the one where two roads split in a narrow wood and he decided to take the one less travelled...'

seriously. melt my heart.

and this was one of the images i used for an example of man v. society conflict...

the girls know about segregation, mlk, jr., and rosa parks. they immediately understood how wrong the whole concept of segregation was. and then i realized the words that were above the water fountains, and i had a wicked foreshadowing of them using the word above the water fountain on the right.

i said, 'you know we don't use that word because it isn't appropriate, it's very disrespectful, and that would be like calling someone an ugly name, right?'

cee said, 'mom. please - we know that. we would never say that word.'

and jay said, 'we don't use that word...we just call them...friends. just like we call everybody. people are friends.'

again, seriously. melt my heart.

i love where their hearts and minds are.

and speaking of love...

jay is in love with chickens. still. in all fairness, she didn't know what life was like sans chickens for the first three years of her life. and like me, she still misses our sweet, sweet hens.

her classroom is getting hatching eggs next week (and i'm thinking of ways where we might possibly evade our h.o.a. rules and keep 'poultry and/or fowl' for a pet). in preparation for this, the kids in her class wrote stories about chickens. jay wrote about the first time she remembers buying chicks from the feed store.

she has recently become very aware of/keen on figurative language and making her multiple meaning words funny. i really cannot tell you how happy i was to discover that she used 'egg-nore' in her story. as in 'the baby chicks were chirping so loud, and i told my sister we had to try to egg-nore them.'

their sweet smiles have worked overtime in making this week a great one for me, and now it's time to kick back and enjoy a long weekend.

i hope you'll do the same.

peace... :)

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