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Sunday, October 14, 2012

it's acl weekend in austin, and the girls and i made our way out to the festivities yesterday afternoon. our chariot dropped us off near the front gates, and we stepped out into the land of annual musical bliss. shortly after our shuttle pulled away, the clouds decided to have some fun with us (and the 60,000+ other people who were there).

jay is my 'type a' child. she likes order and organization. she likes to have a plan in place, and once that plan is in place, she needs for that plan to unfold accordingly.

the rain, which was not part of her itinerary, caused us to scurry for cover, and in the process we had to leap several puddles and dodge strangers. by the time we got to our destination (which really only took about two minutes), she looked up at me and i could tell she was about to lose it.

i asked her what was wrong, and she said, 'mommy, this just really stresses me out...everything seems very unpredictable right now.'

fair enough, little one.

i was quick on my feet and one step ahead of her - i'd already scouted out the loot that would turn her day around. while wringing out her hair, i said, 'i promise you will have candy and a new bag in less than three minutes. will that help your stress?'

twizzlers and swag to the rescue!

after our pit stop in candy land, the girls were starting to dry out and we made our way back to another part of the fun: there was a jumpy castle for the kids, a covered picnic table, and a nice selection of help-yourself beverages for the adults. right next to a great stage...land of musical bliss.

this is my anti-type a child. there are several pieces of earth on her neck here, a few leaves stuck to her back, a twig sticking out from behind her right ear...and she's happy as a lark.

 the people-watching is off the charts in the behind-the-scenes areas of acl, and between that, listening to the girls laugh and squeal, and enjoying the music, there really was never a dull moment...sensory satisfaction.
we eventually headed out into the main area - it was soggy and muddy, and so were the people. the girls were seriously amazed, but it wasn't long before jay decided she's had enough. cee could have stayed there all night - dancing, meeting new people, finding novelty in every direction she looked.
i knew it was time to go when jay was holding her sno-cone in one hand, holding her nose with the other ('mom, it smells like illegal funny cigarettes. this is not good, people are breaking the law.'), and saying 'oh my gosh,' every time she heard or saw something gross.
we made it home safely, i made them strip down in the garage, we each took a steamy shower, and they were sound asleep before 10. acl mission accomplished, and now all that's left to do is clean up the aftermath.
we just finished a late breakfast at one of our favorite places, and now we're off to fulfill a couple of fun sunday adventures.
more soon! peace...

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