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Saturday, September 8, 2012

when i woke up this morning, i let browning outside to do his thing and i got the best surprise ever...the weather was totally, completely dreamy. as in breezy. and cool. and perfect. nothing makes me happier than fall's arrival each year, and this morning was no exception. i took my tea and my nook out on the back porch and soaked up every bit of it that i possibly could.

then i checked facebook, and all signs pointed to a great weekend of college football. the first post i tuned into was from my dad, who was ready to work sound for the tulsa-tulane game today (i went to college in tulsa for a short time - go hurricanes!). he is a die-hard sooner fan, but more than that, he loves college football. a few years ago, he happened to be in the right place at the right time, and somehow he found himself 'subbing' for a friend of a friend on the fox sports sound crew. at memorial stadium in norman. after the game, as he and the crew rolled up miles of cable and tons of equipment, they asked him if he'd be interested in working more games.

to say he found his second calling in life would be a tremendous understatement, and to say he does it for the money would be nothing more than a lie...he still has his accounting business and he stays very busy with tribal affairs, but most weekends in the fall, he is standing on the sidelines of an ou game or a tulsa game, and he couldn't be any more pleased with having one of the best seats in the house.

tons of facebook friends posted about their own game day plans, and one in particular caught my eye, most especially because she lives in lubbock (where i went to college after tulsa - go red raiders!). 'i just watched a sorority girl attempt parallel parking in front of my house. there are no other cars parked in the street. how cute.'

this is totally something i probably did back in the 90's with my sorrority sticker displayed prominently on my back window, and it made me a little nostalgic. 

i am almost done with my crazy class - everything's due by next weekend. i just realized that one of my favorite faceless classmates is a sweet little grandmother who lives in lubbock, is a rockin' red raider fan, and has the exact same name as one of my best friends from college. when she told me which school she's at and which neighborhood she lives in, i wilted a little bit on the inside. i realized there is a high probability that my friends and i probably did something inappropriate in her yard during our time at tech, i now i feel really guilty about it. this is most likely something she doesn't need to know, but what a small, small world... 

alright - it's time to get back to my thesis proposal. the aggies have been sufficiently defeated (welcome to the sec), the red raiders will stream on espn 3 in the very near future (against texas state - i'm sure there's nothing rowdy going on in san marcos tonight), and i'll probably cheer for the longhorns tonight, too.

all in all, it's been a great day. i'm loving fall and football and everything else that comes with both of those...maybe i'll get out the fall decorations tomorrow before the girls get home!!


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