orange orbs on my porch

Sunday, September 30, 2012

my pumpkin stalking mission is complete! in all fairness, pumpkins were available last weekend, but they were $9 (for small ones) and it seemed a little silly to pay that much for one (or two - because there is no way the girls would carve one together).

friday after school, it was cool-ish (as in not 90). the rain clouds started rolling in at the same time we got home. we took the pumpkins to the back porch, and our time outside was seriously one of my most favorite friday evenings in a long time...hearing all about their day...listening to their ideas...misty rain and dawes in the background...

the other thing i love about pumpkins is what's on the inside. i crave pumpkin seeds during this time of year. i know i can buy them at the store, but they're so much better when they're freshly roasted. the girls love them, too. olive oil, salt, and tony chachere's makes everything good in our world!

we're all smiles around here...i guess pumpkins have that effect on us.

due to the addition of orange orbs, the view of my back porch makes me very happy right now. it's still rainy outside, football starts in a couple of hours, and we just might stay in our jammies all day long. slutty brownies are on deck (aka super brownies for the 10 and under crowd around here, and we prefer milanos to oreos), and pulled pork will go in the oven when those are done. i love weekends like this!!

peace, pumpkins (finally!), and pj's...

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