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Sunday, September 2, 2012

i am 10.5/12 done with my grad school program (that's 87.5% for you math people out there). on october 26, i will be completely done and my children will be glad to have me back on the weekends. and i will be really glad have my regular life back. :)

i think there is a stereotype about teachers where they gripe a whole bunch about their jobs (or at least in my mind there is). occassional griping i understand; it's the constant stuff that i'm talking about here. i have always tried to avoid being a part of that stereotype because i really like what i do and i don't see much reason for complaint. plus i think that's a super fast way to make non-education people want to avoid you at all cost.

however, the course i'm taking right now has caused me to join the notorious ranks of gripers (and i promise i'll be brief with my rant). this is the hardest class i've ever taken. the program i'm in is labeled a non-thesis program, and in this class we are...writing a thesis proposal! the guidelines have been very vague, the feedback on assignments has been less than helpful, and i was starting to feel really unintelligent.

i was so frustrated that the girls and i decided a hike was necessary to burn off some of the tension this morning, and i knew it would help me gain some perspective. we went to mckinney falls state park which is only about twenty minutes away from home. browning went with us, and we had such a great time. there's something magical about being outdoors under a canopy of trees that makes me forget about everything that's bothering me.

in case you were wondering, i sure did have to lift all 120 pounds of him into my car when we were done because he was exhausted...but i think it was completely worth it.

when we got home, i decided to check out one of the discussion boards for my class and it turns out that i am not alone in my frustrations. other people's children are ready for them to be done. other people are frustrated with this course in particular. and my entire cohort has all but declared mutiny on the grading for this class. i'm kind of in awe.

an unexpected unity was created today, and somewhere along the way, each of us found our proverbial pom-poms from high school (yes, i realize one of those should be spelled with an n, but that has never made sense to me) and managed to send out a few encouraging rah-rah messages...and then a new thread started about how fun it will be when we all meet face to face as we walk for graduation.

honestly, i did not want to walk for my high school graduation, but i did under the pretense that as long as someone else was paying for my education, i would walk. which i figured was fair enough, and i did everything i could to get a full scholarship for my undergrad work so nobody could have dibs on having funded it...and i didn't have to walk. victory! :)

it's not that i'm anti-walking, it's just that these are all things i've always expected from myself, and i can totally do without all the fluff.

same song, different verse this time around. it would be fun to meet these incredible, faceless people who i've worked with online for the last 16 months, but maybe just for drinks. my idea of fun definitely does not involve a robe. or a funny hat.

when i finally decided to churn out the rest of tonight's portion of my non-thesis thesis, something awesome happened. i flipped the tv to tnt and guess what: ocean's eleven is on!! and now i know everything's going to be just fine. :)

in case you were wondering, it's hard to explain the ocean's concept to the cee and jay:

yes, we're going for the cute guys. 

yes, i realize the cute guys are also robbers and convicted criminals. 

yes, i realize that technically this makes the good guys the bad guys.

and yes, their cute factor is part of why we like them. they're witty, too.

but the best question sequence of all came from jay:

what happened to one through ten? and where in the heck is fourteen? 

touche, little one.

i've managed to cook my family a partially nutritious meal, and we're about to settle in for the night with the rest of ocean's. we'll probably follow that up with something of the disney variety. all that's left for tonight's assignment is to double check my apa formatting, and then i'm done.

for this week.

i sure am happy that tomorrow is all ours to tackle as we see fit, and i hope you'll do the same. happy labor day eve, everyone!!


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