human rubber band & a cornucopia

Saturday, September 22, 2012

whew - what a week!

i knew it was going to be busy from start to finish, and i had mentally prepared myself for two longer-than-normal, no-break (read: no wine until later than usual) days.

my critical oversight was that i didn't factor in all the other things that come up during the course of a normal day or a regular week.

a little bit of do this, do that;
a little bit of read this, write that;
a little bit of be here, be there.

and that was just at school...lucky for me, i do have hilarious, amazing friends at work who kept me smiling around the clock!

the girls just had a change in their after school program, and they aren't happy about it so they needed lots of extra tlc in the evenings. the weather has cooled off and browning has found puppy-like levels of stored energy, which is great.

but by the time they were all three asleep each night, my introvert self wanted to curl up in the way back of my closet...with a giant glass of wine, a flashlight, and a good book. i hate feeling like that, and it gave me a thorough understanding of the phrase 'human rubber band' (which, apparently, isn't something i'm used to).

somewhere along the way, i even forgot to check my fantasy football roster - until last night, which was too late. i left an injured player in for the thursday night game and didn't realize it until it was too late. bummer. i'm usually way more on top of things!

by the time we finished soccer practice last night, i was more than ready to do nothing more than chill in my pj's with these sweet faces (even though i really really did want to take them to see pretty lights).

this morning i woke up to ten little fingers dancing on my back. it was cee - she has perfected the art of back rubs, and today's had a new twist. at one point, she whispered to her fingers, 'stop!'

and then she and her fingers broke into an unexpected interlude of 'hammer time'.

later when i asked her about the musical surprise, she told me her fingers were re-enacting the hunger games on my back...apparently i got the cornucopia scene where katniss blows up the bad guys' loot...all the way to where peta almost eats the nightlock berries (the 'stop!')... 

...with a side of mc hammer.

impressive, and the perfect way to start the weekend.

our first soccer game of the season is over and done, and i'm officially happy that fall is here!

we're off to buy some pumpkins...


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