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Saturday, September 1, 2012

the first week of school is over and done, and we all survived! you know first day outfits are super important, and when we went shopping for school clothes, i very clearly remember both of them telling me, 'i'm not that into stripes right now.' i think half of the new shirts they got were, in fact, striped.

about five minutes after this picture, i was ready to walk them in for the first day. their school parking lot is always a zoo the first week, so we parked in a field and when i got out, i stepped smack dab in the middle of a huge fire ant pile, which was super fun and not at all painful.

all week my feet and legs have been itching like crazy, and i came up with a fire ant anthem: taylor swift's 'mean' really fits that bill almost perfectly...except for the part about being in a bar. everybody always underestimates t-swift. it turns out she isn't just whining about boys...her songs are more far-reaching (into the ant world).

another thing i realized this week is that i really missed seeing the sunrise this summer. it isn't that the sun didn't rise, it's more that i didn't rise until well after it soared over the horizon each day. the rainbow-hued sunrises i've seen for the last two weeks are such a humbling way to start the day, and it always makes me think of tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

it turns out that cee has missed the sunrises, too. she snapped this picture and texted it to me from the back seat to the front seat with one word: beautiful. i didn't get it until i was already at school...what a sweet little surprise!

the girls love their teachers, i feel like i have good classes this year, and i'm so thankful that we have a three-day weekend to recoup. this year is a little different because two of my favorite people are missing from the teacher mix, but they're with me in spirit...

it was pretty obvious that we were all worn out last night. the girls played really well while i worked on a paper and cooked dinner. apparently there is a talent show coming up, so they were singing and dancing and having a great time until i spoiled the moment by trying to take a picture of them. i managed to get one good one before the magic was ruined.

17 seconds before the magic died:

3 seconds after the magic died:

this has become a pretty typical scenario in our house, and basically jay's face says, 'achilles' heel? over.'

cee is still trying to figure out how to navigate her way through the waters of these more sophisticated sisterly annoyances, and sometimes i feel like i should remind her of the meaning of the word karma...but i know better.

alright, it's a beautiful morning and we are headed out to enjoy a beautiful september day! more soon...


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