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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

for as long as i can recall, election years have stressed me out.

i remember having a conversation with my sweet granny when i was six. we were in her 1979 baby blue oldsmobile cutlass supreme. she was driving, and i was sitting on the arm rest that was meant to separate the driver from the passenger.

i wasn't wearing a seatbelt because i was a front-seat rebel at an early age. she had a handtowel on the seat beneath the armrest...because i always had muddy feet and probably also because she was a much more refined rebel than me.

i remember asking her why there were so many signs in yards with donkeys and elephants on them, and she told me that they stood for republicans and democrats. i remember thinking that those were kind of random animals to represent things, and i vaguely remember wondering, 'what are republicans and democrats?'

maybe i didn't actually wonder that because i was only six, but i feel like it would have been a reasonable question to have had at the time. and that was the beginning of my election year anxiety.

for whatever reason, that anxiety has continued. four years ago, election day was actually on my 34th birthday. it was eighteen days after i filed for divorce. it was seventeen days before cee turned six. for me, it was an important year, and the election signified both personal and national change. i could not make myself go to sleep that night until the polls were definitive.

i felt like i was, along with the rest of the country, on the cusp of a new beginning. i was leaving behind what was familiar and comfortable; i was fully prepared to head into the unknown. major anxiety on many fronts.

fast forward to now, and my anxiety continues.

social media has created a whole new spectrum of campaigning, and i can't help being reminded of a piece of wisdom my granny taught me just over thirty-two years ago from the front seat of her car (over a cup of orange sherbet) when i asked which she liked best between the donkey and the elephant. she simply said, 'it isn't polite to discuss religion or politics.'

that has always seemed like very reasonable advice to me, but then again, i despise controvery and tension. i would rather shove shards of bamboo underneath my nailbeds than endure tense moments with people who i care about.

facebook, as an entity, doesn't necessarily embrace my granny's advice, and this election year has proved to be extremely stressful to my peace-love-and-happiness nature. i truly respect other people's opinions, i honor each person's right to the freedom of speech, and i am proud that we each have the right to cast our vote.

i am more than happy to listen to both sides of a story, search for the truth, find the middle ground, and dig deep for commonalities; but i am having a really hard time with the ignornace and lack of patriotism that spouts from people who i've known and respected for years.

it's frustrating to me to see people send such mixed, sporadic, and inconsistent political messages, and it's disappointing to me to see them do it in such a public and thoughtless manner.

i believe in 'majority rules'.
i believe in the principles of democracy.
i don't like to see people trample on either of those.

november 6th cannot get here and be gone quick enough for me. i trust in the system our founding fathers established, i trust in our leaders, and most of all, i trust in our country.

i am ready for the political shennanigans of social media to end so i can get back to respecting people i've known most of my life and so i can get back to enjoying what they have to say about their own lives...

basking in the non-stop glare of other people's shining political opinions is giving me a massive migraine.

i'm pretty sure if my granny was still here, she would be wagging her pointer finger and shaking her head at the rampant lack of political manners that has flooded our society.

forty-two more days.

(yes, really.)
peace and political privacy...

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