Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tomorrow is one of my single, solitary, most favorite days of the entire year.

for the last five years, i've been able to facilitate our school's 6th grade orientation. obviously i love 6th graders because that's what grade i teach. even though most people look at me like i have lost my marbles when i tell them this, i feel like those people are generally misinformed about this age group.

they are adorable and pretty fantastic, and being able to welcome them to their new school is kinda cool.

another perk of this project is that i get to recruit a group of 8th graders to help me. there is something magical that happens to kids between their 7th grade and 8th grade year. i think it's called maturity...i can't be sure.

semantics aside, it is a completely new layer of greatness to get to teach them as 6th graders and work with them again as 8th grade leaders...which is exactly what i got to do with them yesterday. words really cannot do this scenario justice, but trust's incredible!

i honestly think this is the best group i've ever worked with!! they get t-shirts as a thank you for their time and dedication (they give up two of their last days of summer), and i have the cutest picture of them in their new shirts.

i wish i could share it with you, but it would definitely not be a good idea to post pictures of teenagers on my blog who i cannot biologically claim as my own.

tomorrow will be day 2 of our time together...i've asked them to meet me at 7:15 (a.m. - that's early for them!) for our 'finishing touches,' and i'm so excited for tomorrow that i probably won't sleep much tonight.

so here's one of my most favorite quotes during this time of year:

'i don't even think there's such a thing as the perfect play. you have 11 guys between the ages of 18 and 22 trying to do something violent and fast together, usually in pain. someone is going to blow an assignment or do something that's not quite right.'
~ the lovely and talented mike leach

no, i don't work with 18-22 year olds; and no, i'm not a football coach (in case you needed clarification on that)...

but substitute 'play' for 'day', 11 for 150, 'guys' for 'kids', and '18 and 22' for '11 and 14'...and, well, i think you can follow my extended analogy.

things can get dicey with this age group of kiddos, but i'm not worried about my 8th grade leaders tomorrow because they are pretty phenomenal.

when i was working with them yesterday, one phrase kept coming to me:

human potential.

it's a great thing to see it in action, and it's an even greater thing to see it in action from kids who you've watched as they learned to navigate their way through a new the point where they've got it figured out and they can take the reigns and lead a new group through the doors of a great school.

i'm ridiculously thankful that i get to be a part of it.

i still have a couple of things to knock out before i go to bed and stare at the ceiling, so until next time...

peace, extended analogies, and leachisms!

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