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Sunday, August 12, 2012

i think awareness of my frame of mind is essential to the success (or failure) of anything i start.

with that said, mama o (whose 'about me' is way beyond stellar) sent me a text a couple of weeks ago with a picture of a book cover and the words,

'go get this on your kindle. right now.'

because she's mama o and because she always knows, i did exactly what she said.

the cover made me wax nostalgic about my timberland hiking boots that i wore almost every day during my first two years of college, and even though i downloaded it within minutes of the text, i couldn't get my mind in the right place to start a new book...until last night.

now i can't put it down, and i'm having trouble focusing on other things. it's so, so good!

before i dove into the book, there was something else that was really taking a lot of my time: a new website i found (and when i say new, i obviously mean new to me because i'm rarely cool enough to know about 'new' when it's actually new)...

it's called houzz.

it's pretty groovy, and if you have a few hours to kill by way of looking at all things related to home remodeling and redesigning, this is really going to float your boat!

in a very strange way, playing around on this website has made me reassess some of my goals...funny how that happens, right?

there's another book i'm looking forward to reading next month - it hits the stands on september 4. ever heard of the happiness project? well, she has a new book coming out called happier at home. i am so excited for its release! 

alright - summer is winding down, and tomorrow starts two things:
1) our last week of summer 2012, and 2) my second-to-last class in grad school!! summer's end is always a little bittersweet, but at the same time, i'm looking forward to getting back into our school year routine.

in the meantime, back to reading i go...you should check out wild if you're in need of a good book!



Mama O. said...

Okay, DAC, that was just the kick in the booty that I needed. Double dog dare accepted. After I load the dishwasher. And clean up from the sleepover. And finish watering the garden. Love you!

it's just me... said...

yippie!!! what's growing in the garden? love you, too...

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