hello, fall - we're ready for you!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

fall is hands-down my most favorite time of the year, and today was filled with hints that it's just around the corner:
-it was overcast most of the morning, which...
-put me in the mood to cook a roast for dinner...
-all afternoon our house smelled delicious...
-by the time the roast was ready, football was on t.v.!!


yesterday we spent some time at the lake, and i feel like it's safe to say we hit a home run on bidding this summer a proper farewell...

i think this picture is the epitome of the difference between boys and girls. the little boy in the bottom left corner had a cast on his right arm. once i saw his stunts, there was no question in my mind how he broke it. :)

tomorrow i go back to school, and the girls will be away with family for their last full week of summer.

i have a childhood friend who has the most positive outlook on life, and it always inspires me to see her 'back to school posts' on facebook (she's a teacher). this year's said:

'the new school year starts for me today. i will miss my babies dearly but i am so thankful (and a bit spoiled) to have the summers off with them. here's to another great year where i am blessed to get to do something i love to do!'

it's easy to get lost in our summers, but her glass-half-full perspective on life reminds me that i'm beyond lucky to have so much time in the summers with the girls (and the pool), and during the school year i'm beyond lucky to do what i love with wonderful, hilarious people.

whenever i know i'm going to be away from the girls for awhile, it means a lot to me to have as much fun as we can possibly squeeze in before they leave. tonight was no exception.

i'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things this week, to making new work friends, and to meeting a new group of sixth graders. i hope cee and jay have an awesome final week...i think they'll be happy to get back in the school year groove, too. but i'm going to miss these smiling faces (sans tissue) for the next five days!!

and just so you know, it took about five minutes to catch this picture...those things fly out of their noses when they're laughing. fun mission? accomplished. :)

as for fall, i wish it would go ahead and hurry up. here's one of my most favorite movie lines from one of my most favorite movies...

'don't you love new york in the fall? it makes me want to buy school supplies. i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if i knew your name and address."
~ joe fox (f. o. x.)

which reminds me: i have a new york post brewing. i feel like my soul needs a soothing trip to the big apple sometime soon...

in the meantime, peace.


JFTB said...

I am going to miss the ever living crud out of you. The. End.

Mrs.Campbell said...

Oh, I love fall too! Especially the fall scents at Bath and Body Works. Football is plus and the food that you eat while watching football. Also, don't tell anyone, but I do the kleenex thing when my allergies are really bad. It is quite attractive!

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