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Sunday, August 5, 2012

the girls and i spent the weekend in houston with a very dear friend who was a wonderful hostess to us. her little girl is almost three, but she talks like she's about six (seriously), and she's as cute as a button! it was so fun/funny to watch them play.

because i haven't spent enough money at the dentist this summer, coupled with the fact that i'm a glutton for punishment, we took them to dylan's candy bar yesterday for a about kids in a candy store!

i saw a different side of cee this weekend - she is such a natural mother hen. she is so ready to babysit, and i think she saw this as an opportunity to prove her worthiness to me! yesterday morning, she had the little pea up, dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, face and hands cleaned off before i was even fully awake. and last night there was some serious bedtime story reading.

jay loves animals with her entire heart, which is pretty much how i was at her age. i was famous notorious for bringing home every stray i saw, and jay definitely has that gene in her. she always gets a little misty when we drop browning off at the kennel, and she worries about him while we're gone (even though he gets daily walks, pool access, and spa treatments).

when she saw m-dog, all was right in her world again...until this morning when she had to say her good-byes to her fuzzy friend. if he were slightly smaller, i would have checked her suitcase to make sure she didn't pack him.

we had a great time with a super sweet's always good to catch up - thank you!!

we were all extra tired tonight...i was so tired that i dropped our entire rotisserie chicken on the floor, and i couldn't morally justify the 10 second rule since we'd been gone all weekend. therefore, i decided a trip to salt lick was in order. what i didn't factor in was exactly how tired they were. i really overestimated their energy level before we left, and they both fell asleep at the table (which hasn't happened in years)!

now, i have a confession to make to you.

i was well on my way to crossing something off my life list: blog at least twice a week for a year. this week, i completely missed that mark, and this post is a new beginning on my quest to hit that goal. i guess that's why it's called a life list: it might take a life time for me to accomplish! :)

but i realized today that sometimes you have to let life do its thing. making memories that will last a life time is one of those things that life does from time to time, and we should really embrace those the most, don't you think?

so - scene one, take two: here we go, and cheers to fresh starts!!


p.s. - i am strangely addicted to the olympics, and it's causing me to lose quality time with anderson cooper...something's gotta give.

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