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Sunday, August 26, 2012

1) have you ever wished for a danny ocean marathon? last weekend ocean's 13 was on bravo, and last night it was ocean's 11's turn. neither of them (last weekend or last night) had a sequel or a prequel. why is that? and why isn't there an ocean's 14? i totally think there should be one.

2) i want savannah gutherie's wardrobe. is that too much to ask? and not even what she's worn, because she's much taller and thinner than me. maybe instead i want her personal shopper to be my personal shopper. there - that's slightly less demanding.

3) why is back-to-school week always so hectic? even when i plan ahead (menus, shopping, supplies, etc.), it never fails to completely bog me down. i guess my literature review for my impending non-thesis thesis proposal doesn't help...but i'm done with it!!

it's always hard putting the girls to bed the night before school...for several reasons. first of all, no matter how well i plan their gradually decending bedtime leading up to the first day of school, it's an imperfect plan. second of all, and this is the kicker, this is the first year they didn't get to attend 'meet the teacher night'.

needless to say, i had two nervous little pumpkins tonight. on one hand, i try my hardest to remember what it was like on the first day of school, but it isn't easy for me {because that was nearly thirty years ago}. i've never been a 'jump in the middle of a whole bunch of new people and see how it shakes out' kind of person. i'm more like the outlier who takes it all in and takes an extraordinarily long time deciding where and when to approach (which is kind of creepy when i say it like that - don't judge me!).

jay has the same teacher that cee had in 2nd grade, and i was kind of giddy when i realized this. however, she doesn't have any girls in her class from last year, so i can see where her anxieties lie. knowing jay like i know my jay, she can size people up in about three minutes, and she has a wickedly clever way of making new and dear friends with what seems to be very little effort. she's comfortable in her own skin, and that's how she presents herself.

cee has several friends in her class which she clearly sees as a bonus and i clearly see as a chance for her to get into the  chatty-patty brand of trouble. regardless, she is also comfortable in her own skin, she has her own way of catching people's attention, and she's loyal through and through. i have heard wonderful things about her teacher even though i don't know her, and there's always something great about the teacher-mom seal of approval that goes a long way with me.

i know this will be a great year for both girls!!

their lunches are packed, their outfits are laid out, breakfast is all but complete, and my non-thesis thesis literature review paper is done. i have given no thought to my outfit for tomorrow, and i'm perfectly okay with that right now.

it's time to crash so i can be ready to walk these smiling faces into their new classrooms in the morning to give them that final boost of confidence for a great day and a great year...and then i'll be ready to walk into my own classroom of smiling (i hope) faces tomorrow...

peace, and happy first day of school to you and yours (if that's applicable...and if not, then pretend i didn't write that part)!

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