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Thursday, July 26, 2012

i have been looking forward to today for a whole week (i know that sounds bizarre). we had a wonderful time at the lake last weekend, the girls had a great time with their grandparents, and i had a wonderful two days of training on monday and tuesday. honestly - i did!!

but monday and tuesday nights were much quieter than our usual 'house music' (which is always filled with chattering and giggling...and the occasional ear-splitting screech) and i really didn't like it too much.

yesterday, i went to waco and back to fetch my little ones (and i was reminded why being a road-warrior doesn't appeal to me even in the slightest), and we weaved our way through traffic just in time for a dentist appointment for thing two, which put us home at 4.


and that's why i've been waiting for a week for us to settle back into our summer routine. and that's exactly what we did today...

first we had a little lunch date...jay wanted a picnic under a tree, and cee wanted a restaurant, so i knew just the place to fit the bill for both of them...

just like me, i could tell by these faces that they were both ready for some down time and a large scoop of nothingness (when coloring becomes a strenuous chore, it's time for some r&r)...

traveling is tiring work, so we decided on some last minute low key activities, called it a day, and headed home.

my neighbors (the ones who don't spy but know everything that goes on in our 'hood) have a finely manicured, pristinely groomed yard. they inspect it each morning, carefully prune weeds, and gingerly pick off leaves and buds who have served their purpose. and it shows.

my yard is the polar opposite of that. it's a full-fledged wild rumpus. it's fend for yourself, weeds (some of them) are friends, and the mower dude comes every two weeks.

hopefully i'll be better at yard work soon - there's a convenience store being built near my house. what does that have to do with your yard, you ask? it's simple. it means that soon there will be gas near my house. which in turn means that i could, in theory, get gas for a lawn mower without having it slosh about in my car for too long. fuzzy logic? most likely, but it's the truth.

back to my yard...my trees have lots of new growth this summer, which is great if you consider the drought and you like the weeping-willow look, but not so great if you factor in that i'm not tall enough to reach the tops of them. they're shaggy (which, i think, is the tree-equivalent to the heroin-inspired eyeliner look that was in a few years ago).

they're endearing (in their own special way), but if they were children, you might call them neglected. i call them free-spirited, but they might need a low dose of adderall.

so today i took pity on my neighbors (and maybe myself a little bit) and made a last-ditch effort at some end-of-summer garden love. i figured we'd give it one last college-try before we head back to school. a little color. a little nurturing. a little pruning.

and then i realized that maybe my last ditch gardening effort was a vague metaphor for what's left of our summer.

our summer will be over in three weeks, and then i'll have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader on my hands. i'll have a new batch of eleven and twelve-year-olds to teach, and before i know it, it will be sweater season and football season (two of my favorites!).

so to say i'm embracing the last few free moments of summer is an understatement.

we still have a couple of little trips planned, and i'm looking forward to them.

but in the short term, i'm looking forward to a few more days at home with the girls, i'm looking forward to the start of the olympics tomorrow, and i'm looking forward to lots more of the giggles and silliness that seem to have dominated the best parts of this summer for us.

and now i'm off to help those cutie pies build a tent under which to rest their lovely (and weary) heads.


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