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Monday, July 2, 2012

no, i'm not talking about this kind of t-bird...

with love, from wiki

i'm talking about the cute twitter bird!!

i finally plugged myself into the 21st century, and i have a twitter account!

i 'follow' mostly the newsy-type of people like jeffrey toobin and anderson cooper (obviously), and nora ephron (who, i fear, won't be tweeting much anymore). and my friend who convinced me to get a twitter - "because you know all the breaking news before it even breaks!!" what's not to love? she knows me pretty well. :)

i sent my first tweet tonight, and i instantly felt inept in my ability to properly navigate my own tweet. here's my analogy for you:

sending a fax : calling to make sure your fax got there :: sending a tweet : texting to make sure your tweet got 'there' (where ever there is...)

really i just like getting my news info at break-neck speed. plus i think this little guy is pretty adorable...

t-bird credit
don't judge me - he's a cute bird, and you know it. and i probably won't be sending out anymore tweets due to my aforementioned lack of tweet skills, but i will have all the latest news.

before you. :)


the girls and i usually do roses and thorns at dinner each night, but for some reason, we didn't tonight (oh yeah - because the bachelorette valuable educational programming was on). so i thought you should know that one of my roses today was the plethora of blogs that were recently updated - i love it (and thank you)!


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