Thursday, July 5, 2012

the girls and i opted to stay local for yesterday's festivities...they officially dubbed it a 'staycation,' and i was happy to finally go on one. :)

last year there were no fireworks because of the crazy drought, and this year's showcase was such a welcome relief - we had a great perch and a perfect view!

it was cool to watch all the boats gather as the sun set.

the girls and their friends were so excited and happy when the show finally started. their oooo's and aahhhh's were as spectacular as the view! the firecrackers were working overtime with their glimmer in the sky and the reflection off the water and the buildings...

i hope they have the same level of amazing july 4th childhood memories as i do. even though i never celebrated at home, my oklahoma cousins knew how to do things right. we had homemade ice cream and every firecracker, black cat, spinner, whistler, parachute, tarantula, popper, bottle rocket, and roman candle known to man...and we even managed to accidentally catch a few things on fire in the process.

such sweet memories of laughter, family, and arson.... :) 

i know you have equally sweet memories because it's such a quintessential, rockwellian holiday. whether you were on vacation, staycation, or you watched from the comforts of your own home, i hope you all had an incredible independence day (and i hope you didn't catch anything on fire)!!

peace ...

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