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Sunday, July 15, 2012

it has been awesomely rainy here for the last week. while it's put a damper on our pool time, we've definitely found ways to keep ourselves entertained.

my dad came to visit this weekend, and it was beyond wonderful to see him!! he's such an amazing guy, and we all had a great time having him here.

jay made a purchase this morning that may have been the single best purchase of her entire life: she bought a t-rex excavation set. what i thought was going to be a cheesy little game ended up being hours (literally - hours) of fun for us all on a dreary day.

the girls spent the first hour working together. without arguing. to me, there isn't a price you can put on a purchase that creates that kind of harmony and team work.

two hours later, jay had unearthed several parts, uncovered most of a foot, and had the stellar imprint of a recently-removed spine to show for her hard work.

 at the three hour mark, cee had resigned herself to papa sam's ipad, and papa sam was lured into the offerings of espn...or disney...but probably espn. maybe.

did i tell you how much we loved having him here? 

a lot!!

and finally, just before it was time for him to hit the road, we had all twelve bones out of the clay mess. at least it was pink-ish clay?

shortly after we said our goodbyes, it was time to clean and assemble. i have to say, i was quite impressed with how quickly jay had mr. t (rex) assembled. by the four hour mark, we were done, and i only had a tiny window of opportunity to catch a shot of her with the finished masterpiece.

why was that window so tiny, you ask? oh - it's simple. that's because during the excavation, the girls planned (script, set, casting, production, etc.) a youtube video. all i can tell you is that mr. t (rex) plays the role of charlie, and some body's finger gets bit (poor barbie). it's good stuff...we even have business cards for their production company (aka chuck). that's all i can tell you for now...trailer soon. 

hope you had a spectacular weekend!!


(rahr) (<--that's my t-rex imitation)

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