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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

yahoo got a new ceo today. i wasn't surprised to hear this news, but i was surprised when it was followed by the teaser, 'how will stockholders take the news that she also announced her first pregnancy today?'

i'm not sure if this caught my attention because it's 2012, because the ceo was female, or because it seemed questionable that the ceo of a major corporation could plausibly also have a baby in the near future. either way, i was intrigued and i needed to know more.

marissa mayer: best known for being the first female engineer at google, for her love of fashion, for her intelligence (artificial and otherwise), and, among other things, for her interview with lady gaga.

i have to tell you that i did watch the entire hour (and five minutes) of their interview today because it was so interesting...from a technological and sociological perspective.

courtesy of youtube

please don't worry - i'm not going to be a new gaga devotee, but she did have some fascinating insights to share during this interview. she also gave credit for her creativity to her which point i thought, 'oh my gosh - it's a good thing i'm not left handed...somebody had balance in mind when they designated my hand-dexterity structure.'

i have always worked with the concept of 'time stamps' in my life...i realize it's silly, but even in college i remember thinking...'if i pass the red honda before i hit the railroad tracks on 4th street, i will be able to catch the earlier raider bus to campus from the stadium parking lot and i'll have time for a coffee before class.' if i passed the red honda after the tracks, all bets were off on coffee.

for the last two years, it's been a neon green monster truck on super-tall wheels (with a jaws mouth 'tattooed' on the windshield)...i know if i pass that bad boy on a certain road before a certain landmark, i will get to school on time. i realize that this is a false sense of security because my theory is only as good as the other person's watch...and schedule...and agenda.

but i also benchmark myself against people my own age. marissa mayer is six months younger than me. in my mind, this means one of three things:
1) she has covered way too much ground in our lifetimes;
2) i have massive amounts of catching up to do; or
3) truce: happy median {we're both messing up the continuum in our own special way...}.

and that's the kind of thing that keeps me motivated and wanting to do more in my life and more for our world. go figure. i was born this way. :)

and that's my weird confession of the day...(sigh)

congrats to mrs. mayers!


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