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Sunday, July 22, 2012

what a seriously perfect weekend! to say the girls and i had a ball would be a tremendous understatement. it makes my heart happy to be around people who mean so much to me and to watch as the girls continue to grow up with their wisdom and gentle guidance.

i could honestly sit in their living room and look outside at this little scene all day long...the view is one of my favorites.

but why would we do that when this was just down the street?

or when we could do this...

or this...

or this?

(hypothetically, of course)

the girls had a blast. i had a blast. it was fun/beyond necessary to catch up with my sweet friend (the one who got married in april) and her incredible parents. they are a couple of my parenting role models because of the amazing job they've done with their own children, and i feel like i learn through osmosis each time i'm around them.


i dropped the girls off for a few days with their grandparents on my way home, and i'm settling in for the season finale of the bachelorette. for two hours! followed by another hour of after-the-final-rose!! live!!!


i really hope she picks jef (i've been hoping that since london - in the pub, before the eye). :)


alright - i have just under 90 minutes to churn out a quick paper, get my sneezing under a reasonable amount of control, get ready for an evening of abc, and mentally prepare for everything else this week has to offer.

more soon....peace.


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