danny boy...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

no, not the one who gets knocked down and gets up again...and not the old irish war song...

i'm talking about danny boyle!

we were semi-glued to our tv last night. when i say semi-glued, i mean that there was no talking allowed except during commercial breaks. what an amazing spectacle!!

i loved all the literary references - j.k. rowling (with harry and voldemort), mary poppins, peter pan, captain hook, and cruella de vil. i was knee-deep in book-nerd heaven.

photo courtesy of ny-times
i got a little teary-eyed when paul mccartney found himself slightly overwhelmed by the enormity of the night because...come on, he's seen it all. i loved mr. bean and the queen.

and becks on a boat? in a suit, steering confidently down the thames? yup, that works, too.

i really loved the bold display of england's national health service (will we ever be able to pull that off?).

but my favorite part of all was, naturally, the finale. i hoped the final lighting would be a treat since i made the girls stay up to watch, and when all the petals of the flower came together to form the giant flame, the awe on their faces told me it had been worth it.

photo courtesy of ny-times
bravo and cheerio, danny boyle...i feel confident you'll be receiving your much-deserved knighthood in the near future!

i had a whole post written in my head last night after watching the opening ceremonies and then watching the news...my mind was bouncing with thoughts about gun control and nationalized healthcare (and i can't quite pinpoint it, but i feel like the solution that bridges the gap between these two should focus heavily on easy access to mental health treatment for those who require it).

when i woke up this morning, one of the first things i saw on facebook was this quote:

promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

good advice. i'm not sure who gets credit for those words (i think tupac used them?), but they really resonated with me and made me rethink how i wanted to approach today's post.

instead of hopping on my soapbox, i thought i'd offer you an essay to read at your leisure...by david sedaris (love him).

last night after they heard, 'let the games begin,' the girls completely cracked me up. one of them said, 'oh my gosh - they totally stole that from the hunger games...'


but now they've coined their own olympic catch phrase in a nearly-perfect British accent: 'let the games begin...and may the odds be ever in your favor.'

i think it's pretty great.

happy weekend, and peace...

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