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Thursday, June 28, 2012

1) as of tuesday, there is only one person still alive from my 'perfect dinner' scenario. i'm not sure what this says about me, but i really am sad about nora ephron. what an incredible woman! she'll be dearly missed.

2) i was completely hooked on all things scotus today. i love seeing history unfold...monumental things happened today and i loved getting to see it! the varying viewpoints are fascinating, i enjoyed reading about both sides of the situation. i realize it's a sensitive subject no matter which side you're on, so i'll leave it at that for now.

3)  i just had one of those parenting moments where i'm still trying to process things...for now, i'm a little scarred. and startled. and surprised. whoa. we will definitely have a family talk in the near future (as soon as i find the right words).

4)  yesterday the girls and i went on a new adventure: jersey barnyard. we weren't sure what to expect, and it was completely fabulous!! they fed chickens, rabbits, goats, a pig, mules, sheep, and cows. awesome!

cee's calf was a week and a half old...

jay's calf was two weeks old...

since it's a working dairy ranch, the calves only nurse for 12 hours before they're moved away from their mom to these little huts where they can be more closely monitored and bottle-fed several times a day.

we also got to see the milking process at the dairy. this farm provides all the milk for the blue bell factory, which is just a few miles away! my favorite part? the whole business started when the farm owners (who are both nearing the century mark) got a cow for a wedding gift...forever ago!

jay and i milked one of these two cutie pies (cee didn't want any part of it)...

if you live anywhere near la grange and want a fun place to spend the morning (or afternoon if you're exceptionally brave in the summer), i highly recommend the jersey barnyard!

5) we drove through bastrop on our excursion, and although i'd heard about the damage left from the fires last september, i really hadn't seen the aftermath. it was both sad and beautiful at the same time: destruction and new growth; the old and the new. this isn't the best picture, and it doesn't even begin to capture the magnitude of the damage, but it reminded me that things there will never be exactly the same.

6) we had 'the family talk' about 'the parental moment' about half way through this post, and all i can say is my girls make me proud. often. i love that they aren't afraid to ask me questions, i love the level of honesty we have, and i adore them from head to toe, inside and out.

7) i hope you've had a wonderful today, yesterday, and the day before...and here's to a great tomorrow!!

sweet dreams...


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