two little troopers

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thing one used to fear the dentist like nobody's business.

last summer there was a moment where i actually thought she was going to bite the dentist's fingers out of spite. thing one is the typical first child who wants to please and do good things and set a good example for others.

except at the dentist.

at the dentist, it was claws out, game on for her.

what a difference a year makes...she has a new dentist and we all love her.

a year ago, cee held her breath as a way to boycott the laughing gas (seriously - so out of character for her)...this year she learned that it can be her friend.

she was a goof ball and she was cracking everybody up - which is perfectly aligned with her character.

what a trooper!! and now we're off to our next appointment. in perfect alignment with jay's summer routines, she has had a whopper of a fever for the last two days.

hopefully we'll get her feeling back to par pretty soon...


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Brooke said...

Yay for thing 1 and boo for thing 2!! :(

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