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Saturday, June 2, 2012

today my barn swallows seemed to be a little more anxious than usual. after our trip to the pool, i noticed something on our porch when we got home. it was cee who was the first to discover the eggshells...

i am 100% sure the parents despise me, but i have to share a baby picture (spoiler alert: they are not cute...yet):

so...i think we can agree that they're not cute (yet), but can we agree that they're tiny and super fragile?

now i understand why the mom and dad were a little keyed up...they have delicate cargo to protect.

after i took this picture, jay was ready to rip the camera out of my hands to see our new little friends. when she saw them, she got a little teary. and then she said, 'mommy, you're a grandma!!!'

and then they fought over who got which half of the egg shell (which is a little bit gross).

i put lots of fresh water out for the proud parents, but they're going to have to catch their own bugs.

i think we can all be reminded from this picture that life is very dear and extremely precious.

our babies grow up quicker than we intend. before you know it, these little guys will be sprouting feathers, spreading their tiny little wings, and flying back to mexico for the cooler months of the year.

we should never forget how incredibly dependent they are upon us and how we need to teach them all we can while they're still in our nest.

alright - wine time.


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