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Saturday, June 23, 2012

for the last two weeks, i've followed along with the sandusky trial. once i heard the jury reached a verdict last night, i planted myself in front of the tv...i really thought it would be next week before they made a decision.

(aggie kenny / associated press / june 22, 2012)
there was something very redemptive about seeing him convicted and handcuffed for all of the disgusting things he did to innocent kids. what resonated with me the most was knowing that he was eligible for over 400 years in prison.

400 years.

obviously he's a monster, and i really don't want to give him much more attention in this post...our justice system did its job in this case, and i, for one, am pleased.

however, there was something else i noticed last media brought up another very interesting aspect: what about dottie sandusky?

she seems like a pretty intelligent person, and i would have to think she had a smidge of info about the things that went on under her own roof. how could you not? one cnn correspondent said, 'she was an enabler, in a way, to the heinous activity that took place in her home.'

the general consensus on several threads i read could be summarized by one in particular - 'now i hope they go after those who enabled his horrific crimes and covered them up. they need to be in prison right along with him.'

my thoughts? you have to know what goes on in your own home. sometimes the truth might hurt, and it might be easier to deny yourself the truth, but that doesn't change the truth in any form or fashion. addressing those truths head-on, beneath your own roof, is part of what makes a house a home. you acknowledge the ugly truth, and you problem solve.

none of us are perfect, no house is problem-free. but you can't just sweep the bad stuff under a rug and pretend it never happened.

i think it's a shame that some of those who were abused waved their red flags for help years ago - only to be rebuffed. i try my hardest not to judge people, but in this case i really can't help it. i think anyone who knew this was going on and did nothing to stop it is guilty, too. including mrs. sandusky.

one of the hardest parts of my job as a teacher is hearing one of my kids tell me about something awful that happened at home. it's my legal obligation to report these incidents to cps. it isn't fun, and sometimes no action is taken, but i know i've done my part.

so why doesn't this same logic translate into society? if you see a kid being harmed, it's your responsibility to call for help.


for future reference, any time you hear about a creepy man having bizarre relationships with kids, you should question it. heavily and thoroughly.

in this case, nobody questioned it. nobody did anything to stop it. i really have a hard time with this kind of thinking...or lack of thinking.

okay, i'm going to hop off of my soap box now, but if this ruffles your feathers as much as it ruffles mine, i hope you'll take a second to read anne reeves' piece about why our society needs to stop being so hermit-crabby.

hopefully the magnitude of media coverage for this case will open the doors for policy change...but only time will tell. until then, it's up to me (and you) to do our part.

don't be a hermit crab. you have a voice; use it.

the end.


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