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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

one of the things on my life list was to fall out of love with diet cokes. i was just getting ready to cross it off of my life list because it feels like i haven't had one (intentionally) for at least twelve days.

in reality, it's only been four days...

..four long, lonely days without any carbonated, caramel-hued, aspartame-infused, bubbly happiness. i'm surviving, sans headaches.

i decided to give them up because i always have people telling me how horrible they are for me and how harmful they are to my health. like always. like daily. like ad freaking nauseum.

before i sat down to write this post, i googled 'bad ingredients in diet cokes' and guess what...there isn't actually any specific ingredient that is truly, scientifically bad for you. they are brimming with sodium, which isn't ever ideal, but i didn't find anything as harmful as i was anticipating (i guess i was expecting to find: 'if you have one diet coke a day for a year, your life insurance policy will be terminated.').

it's a decision i made, and i'm going to stick with it because there are obviously healthier things i can drink (like wine, vodka and water). i wonder how many days i should be dc-free before i can cross it off of my list?

photo credit (before my awesome paint skills)

and speaking of the list, another one of my goals was to read a book a month outside of grad school. i'm right on track to conquer that goal, too. i made a new page to keep track of what i've read (and inadvertently added something else to my monthly to-do list). it's not very book-reviewy or exciting, but it's an accountability thing for me (translation: if i don't write it down, i will forget).

the girls and i have been soaking up lots of rays and enjoying our school-free days, and we have big plans tonight...stay tuned for more details and (hopefully) some pictures!

until next time, peace...

june 14th update: i tried a diet coke today just to see if i was legitimately 'done' with them. guess tasted so gross!! so i've officially crossed it off the list. woo hoo!

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