dear deer

Friday, June 15, 2012

we have been busy this week!

the girls are beyond excited for our neighborhood garage sale and they have been working furiously all week to get their things together to sell. this has prompted them to thoroughly clean their rooms, and i've had to keep a careful eye on things they've tried to sneak into the garage...very little has been safe because they're excited to make some spending money. 

we went on a little surprise adventure wednesday...we headed south and they were full of guesses: new braunfels?? san antonio?? mexico?? south america??

no, no, no, and no...

we passed the snake farm, and if you know me at all then you know that i am not okay with animals who have no legs or more than four legs. they of all people know this, but they still begged and begged and begged to stop at the snake farm.

i tried to use logical reasoning with them by asking, 'what if they escape? and they're fast? and they try to get us?'

without missing a beat, cee said, 'not a problem. i don't have to be faster than the snakes, i just have to be faster than you!'

this is actually very wise reasoning on her part, and i decided that i wasn't willing to sacrifice my well-being to legless creatures.

instead, we opted for the four legged these cuties...

this was our first trip to one of those drive-thru-our-ranch-and-feed-our-friendly-animals things, and it reminded me of an adventure i went on over a decade ago (minus the ranch. and drive-thru concept.).

a few weeks before i got married, we went on a trip to key west and stayed a couple of nights at little palm island (which was truly spectacular). do you know what i remember more about that trip than anything? the key deer. they didn't live on little palm, they lived on a neighboring key. the waters there are shallow - maybe 2-3 feet deep tops, and at night the deer would wander over and they were so friendly and sweet and tame.

i used to have a picture of it, but i don't know where it is...i had a picture of me feeding a key deer pieces of melon and it would even let me pet its head while it nibbled was so docile (i may have wanted to bring it home with me). and that's what i remember most about little palm (that, and the spa. and the suites. and the amazing boat that takes you there. and one of the best restaurants i've ever experienced...and pig snapper - it's a real thing, and it is delicious.).

so i always love getting to interact with sweet animals (not mean ones - like snakes). there was also a time i fed a blow pop to a deer at my friend lacy's lake house, but that was slightly less classy than the key deer and that was way more than a decade ago.

the girls had a ball on our drive-thru-the-ranch-and-feed-the-friendly-animals adventure (and we had an impromptu lesson on the difference in dangerous and endangered...with regards to animals as in 'wait. you're taking us to feed dangerous animals?'). i'm going to have to find more of these places...

because these smiles make me happy!

okay - it's assignment time (shocking that i'm writing instead of reading?).


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