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Saturday, June 16, 2012

a new drink has bleeped on my radar, and i am dying to try one.

ever heard of a moscow mule?

it sounds a little campy. and a little awesome. plus, any drink that requires its own special vessel automatically gets high marks in my book.

picture courtesy of amazon
aren't those some to-die-for mugs?

the girls had a blast with the garage sale today and ended up walking away with some spending cash. after the big event, they were ready for some down time.

cee worked on father's day crafts...

(why yes, that is painter's tape all over my floor. they've been playing gymnastics, and apparently tape is part of the deal.)

and jay's new favorite place to be is burrowed. sometimes she's playing her ds, and sometimes she's working in her magic secret password journal. i'm still getting used to the view...

so i have a confession to make: i love writing. i like blogging. something about it is semi-therapeutic to me. but then i read things that other people write and i second guess everything. anne lamott has been posting a lot lately on her facebook fan page. she really has the magic touch with words.

what takes her maybe 10-20 minutes to write and post would take me a life time. i'm glad i get to read her work because i can learn from it, but it's also kind of frustrating to realize how far i have to go.

if you like her work and you haven't already liked her on facebook, you should. she's poignant. and funny. and real.

and that's that.

alright - it's bedtime...i have so much on my mind right now, and luckily there is a tiny, white ambien calling my name.


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