Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a weird thing happened to me yesterday: i got out-pranked, and while i'm not the world's greatest prankster, i'm not sure i've ever 'lost' like this before.

to keep things simple, i rearranged my neighbor's desk (my teaching neighbor - not my real neighbor, because that would be bizarre). he's extremely type a with a hint of ocd, so it was fun. but he's also competitive...his reply to my prank involved tipping over all the chairs in my room and then tipping a table over for good measure.

when i say table, i mean those long, six-foot tables that are made of super heavy stuff. i laughed - it was well played. and as i was lifting the table back upright, the legs slid on my floor and i dropped the whole table...smack on my toe!!

i winced.

it hurt.

okay, i may have said a few four letter words.

i didn't want to make a fuss about it, so i hobbled to my friend's classroom so she could assess the damage for me. at this point, my toe was red, and we both agreed that broken bones usually result in severe bruising and swelling.

so i went about my business for another couple of hours and then i took my shoe off to recheck my toe. swollen? check. bruised? double check.

by the end of the day, i was concerned.

the girls were concerned when i picked them up from school, but i put on my toughest face for them.

by seven that night, i thought i was possibly going to lose an appendage because my toe was an alarming shade of black. i made the girls go with me to the emergency clinic (knowing that there was very little they could do, but needing assurance that i wasn't going to live the rest of my life with only nine toes).

the doctor walked into the room and the only thing i noticed is that after his name were the distinguished initials 'd.o.'

do you remember last summer when i had major insomnia? my first problem-solving stop was to the same clinic. with the same d.o., and upon expressing my sleep exasperations to him, he gently suggested that i read the tao of pooh and the te of which point i knew he would most likely deny my desperate plea for some ambien.

(i was right - he denied my request)

fast forward nine months, and i had the same sinking feeling that the doctor from the hundred acre wood would not be hooking me up with prescription pain relief in my immediate future.

(i didn't ask this time, but he did tell me that my toe was so broken he didn't even need to do an x-ray)

i felt beyond foolish hobbling around on my nine good toes today, and i am really exhausted. it takes a lot of focused effort to navigate the world with a bum toe. i cannot wait to crawl into bed...and prop my foot up on a stack of pillows surrounded by ice packs...

wish me luck.


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