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Saturday, May 12, 2012

today was my last time to play soccer mom for the season. the girls each have one more game next weekend, but i will be out of town with some of my favorite ladies - my college girlfriends!

i told the girls this was my last game to see for the season, and they both played their hearts out.

jay's team finally brought all of their skills together today and they won all 'learned more about the sport and had fun in the process' (because we don't keep score).

cee's favorite after school counselor ref'ed her game today, and i think that always gives her some extra motivation to play hard...and it's great to know that he'll work with her on her strengths and weaknesses throughout the next week.

she shoots....

she almost scores...

i tend to shudder when i hear the term 'soccer mom,' primarily because i'm worried i might fall into that category. i finally looked it up on urban dictionary today. it only took me three years...

eeeks. some of it hits a little too close to home, and some of it made me laugh.

labels or not, i love watching my girls play. i expect them to do their best every single time, and i try to teach them what it means to be a part of a team.

i never yell at them or fuss about how they played, and i feel bad for the kids who get reprimanded after the games by their parents. i make sure they both know how much i appreciate their hard work, and i make sure they always know i'm proud of their efforts.

next season, cee is probably moving to a different league where things are substantially more competitive. i have no idea how she'll like it, but i plan to keep the same mindset even with the change.

jay has decided that soccer is not really her thing and she really wants to focus on basketball. does a seven year old really know? i'm not sure, but i don't want to push her in a direction she isn't interesting in pursuing.

my theory has always been that i would expose them to different sports and wait for their input on how much they do or don't like it. i guess my plan is starting to unfold because they're letting me know where they want to bloom and where they feel stagnant.

the one thing that keeps dancing around in the back of my mind is that they are just about the age i was when i started playing tennis....hmmmm.

more later...


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Mama O. said...

Yay, tennis! J should totally play tennis. She would be awesome, and the girls could teach her.

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