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Friday, May 4, 2012

true to his word from my last post, my dad did check on the significance of owls to creeks for me. by wednesday afternoon i had my answer:
i asked one of the national council employees about owls, and he said the old people often spoke of owls as the 'coming back' of those who have gone on. as though someone, like your grandmother, is coming back occasionally to make sure things are cool with you and your girls.

for obvious reasons, i like this explanation substantially more than i liked the one about my imminent death.

i once again consulted the powers of google to see if there were any indian legends about barn swallows. i was tickled to learn that indians believe swallows bring a sense of protection and warmth to the homes on which they nest.

are my occasional visitors a metaphorical symbol for my sweet grandmothers coming back to check on me? are the barn swallows a continuation of that metaphor? i can't be certain, but i'd be lying to you if i said that the ideas didn't bring me a slice of peace deep in my heart.

oh, and as for the owls who my aunt originally asked about, i told her i thought they'd flown the coop...but early thursday morning, i realized i was wrong...i must have just blocked them out or taken them for granted.

their gentle, pre-sunrise coos were absolute music to my ears. maybe it's just for awhile, or maybe they never went anywhere...but i have a new appreciation for everything that's feathering my nest right now.

happy weekend...


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