i wish you knew...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

...how much i love the smattering of cinnamon-dusted freckles that crawl across jay's nose and spill over onto her cheeks. i've tried to capture them in my pictures of her a million times, but the camera never does them justice. the best view of them is when she's sitting in my lap looking me straight in the eyes trying to tell me something magical, or when she's asleep and doesn't mind how long i look at her. even though i have them engrained in my mind, i can't get enough.

i wish you knew...

...how much i love the way cee's eyes twinkle. even though they're a deep, dark, chocolate brown, there's something about them that makes them absolutely dance on certain special occasions (like tuesdays). maybe it's because she's about to tell you a joke, maybe it's because something just surprised her, or maybe it's because she just realized i was pulling her leg. whenever she looks at me with those mysteriously intriguing eyes, my heart seriously melts.

okay, i just wanted to make sure you knew that.

i've soaked up every last minute with them this week, and i'm gonna miss them over the weekend!


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