Wednesday, May 30, 2012

that's how many hours it is until i can put another school year in the books.
at the risk of sounding repetitive, this year has probably been the best year of all from a teaching perspective: amazing kids... awesome co-workers... incredible friends.

i know i've said this before (in not-so-many-words)...it's going to be really hard to say goodbye to this group of kids because they've been so ridiculously off-the-charts wonderful.

i'm going to be sad to see them moving on to bigger, better things...and i will worry about some of them this summer. summer is supposed to be fun and worry-free, but it isn't always that way for some of my kids.

i'm over 2/3 done with grad school (really), and i feel like i'm turning over new leaves and opening new doors on a daily basis...

at the end of the day tomorrow, i will have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader. where on earth did the time go? honestly - where?

this morning when i woke jay up, she was not hugging her turtle or her elephant or her midas...instead, she had her arms wrapped securely around my nook. and i had so many questions...

this morning when i woke cee up, she seemed like a tween with her long, lanky legs sprawled everywhere...until she opened her sweet eyes and asked me if today was kickball day....

where on earth did the time go? honestly - where? it seems like just yesterday i was swaddling them and rocking them to sleep.

but it wasn't yesterday.

it was seven years ago...and five years ago...and now they're growing up and i can't make time slow down for me. or them.

with that said, in 38 hours, i will be poolside with my babies. and their smiles and reckless laughter and shouts of 'marco' (countered by our sweet neighbor boy's 'po-do') will make this bittersweet feeling go away...right?

i sure hope so.


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