Sunday, May 13, 2012

it's mother's day, and i don't think i have to tell you how much i love being a mom or how lucky i feel each and everyday to have cee and jay in my life.

reading all of the mother's day facebook posts really put the meaning of today into a beautiful perspective for me.

some people thanked their moms for always being there for them, and others thanked their moms for giving them the chance to shine.

some thanked their own children for blessing them with grand babies. some thanked their daughters for being amazing moms to those grandchildren.

one reminded me of her very personal struggles in becoming a mom by reminding everyone that they should never take motherhood for granted. another thanked her fertility specialists for helping her be the mom she is today.

some people paid tribute to their moms who are no longer with them.

i thought about one mom who didn't post anything...she laid two of her sons to rest in the last year. i thought about another mom who has been without her son for almost a year. these ladies have a special place in my heart.

i also thought about a small handful of my friends who are celebrating their first mother's days...and next year they'll have a tiny little cherub that will have changed their lives in ways they can't even imagine at this point in their pregnancies.

i completely and whole heartedly loved all of the mother's day wishes i received from my own friends. i loved seeing the different ways all the moms celebrated today.

but most of all, i cherished all the love i got to shower on things uno y dos. because they are my all.

happy mother's day to all the incredible mommas out there - i hope you had a positively splendid day!



Mama O. said...

Yeah. I'm waiting for Part Two of this post. LOVE YOU!

it's just me... said...

i'm not even sure how to approach 'the rest of the story.' love you too dude!!

Mrs.Campbell said...

<3, that is a good one. Thank you for the message you sent me. I will post something next year when baby campbell is actually here!

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