solitude, please.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

last weekend was action-packed and full of really great things. this is a picture of the girls and me from exactly one hundred and sixty six hours ago.

we had so much fun celebrating a new marriage with sweet friends, and we were so happy to be back home for what i thought would be a relatively calm week.

while i didn't forget (because how could i?), i didn't entirely process that monday was the start of testing week. last week marked cee's first standardized testing season. she cried monday night because she was so nervous, and i tried my very best to comfort her and tell her everything was going to be just fine.

i knew she would do great, but it was my first time in the role of  'mom-as-comforter-and-academic-cheerleader' (my high-kick would knock your socks off) instead of 'teacher-slash-encourager'. i know she tried her best, and that's all that matters to me.

after giving various forms of the test to various assortments of small groups on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday last week, i realized that this was the state's gentle reminder to me that i'm not doing my job as a teacher quite as well as i should be. and when i say 'gentle reminder', i hope you are creating visions of cattle prods and tasers in your mind...because that's how it felt to me.  as in ouch! and stop! and no more!

i have never been so happy for a friday!

this morning the girls had soccer, and the wind was trying to replicate the free microderm abrasion treatments i used to receive on a daily basis each spring during college. it was not at all unlike the scrubbing, buffing, tanning, and glowing process i endured last weekend before the wedding - except today's 'treatment' seemed entirely free of judgment about age, size, or shade.

after soccer, i came home and had a big glass of 'don't even ask' in my new d-cups glass...

and then i took a really long nap.

and then i whipped together some completely fabulous bruschetta (thanks, p-dub)...

...and things started looking a little bit better.

like last weekend's groom, i am an introvert at heart. i love my people - i really, honestly do.

that said, after lots of human interaction, i am required by the very wiring of my nature to turn off all the lights in my house, pull all the curtains to, light my favorite candles, and recharge my batteries in the company of nobody but my dog.

tomorrow i will be ready to face the world again with a smile on my face. but for now, it's time to slip into my favorite pj's, pour myself another glass of 'don't even ask', turn on one of my favorite movies, and call it a night.

if i'm asleep before 9, then this day will be a complete and total success!


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