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Friday, April 6, 2012

mama o is truly the hostest with the mostest. for the last couple of weeks, she's been slaving away on a beautiful garden project (which doubles as an exploration of 'beneficial insects' case you were curious, that is a beautiful example of isn't an oxymoron). i always love catching up with her, and i have been super excited to see the fruits of her labor (literally).

a couple of weeks ago, she and her family built an incredible trio of planting gardens. words can't do justice to what they've created, but she has an amazing set-up. rosemary. basil. radish. carrots. beans. peas. dill. jalepeños. tomatoes. tomatillos. and beautiful flowers. this picture shows a baby jalapeño, and the plant behind it with yellow flowers is about to take center stage with some dynamo tomatillos.

cee and jay had a strong start with the gardens in the front yard, but they were dying to hang with the big girls on the back porch. they adore mama o's girls because they are there was lemonade to be sipped and cookies to be devoured.

after my brief interlude with the outdoors today (in the name of nailing in three fence planks, helping the girls plant flowers, thinking about what my yard's future might be, and getting a jump start on my tan), i was a content and peaceful way. seeing the work that has been put into her gardens (in the name of growing food to can and keep her family well nourished...and as a thankful nod to mother earth) really inspired me.

i can't even get my seeds to sprout, but all good things take time. and patience. and perseverance. i've set a few goals for myself, but it's going to take awhile. it's a process.

in case you missed the memo, today is good friday: a time to slow down, a time to absorb and appreciate the moments around you. a time to stop and smell the roses. and rosemary. and tomatillos. it was a beautiful day to spend time with a beautiful family. my little girls ran around with the big girls, and bless s & g for playing sketch-it, making bracelets with them, and giving the mamas some time to visit. with vodka. win-win.

visiting with one of my favorites was exactly what i needed. my soul was soothed, and i was surrounded by lovely metaphors and an incredible family. i really didn't want it to end, and neither did the girls. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to get them in the car without using physical, brute force, but that would have kind of ruined the mood.

earlier today i was creating a mental map of how i want my yard to look...and now it's time to go back to the drawing board. i have so many new ideas, but i think i'm gonna need a bigger boat. and chickens.

peace and poultry...

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Mama O. said...

I don't know what I like more -- your post or your labels. HILARIOUS! Super-heart. Anytime you need a garden retreat. And vodka. I'm here!

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