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Sunday, April 8, 2012

i may have gotten a little overly-confident last night. at 10:45, i sent a text expressing another year of elusive easter bunny bad-ass-ness. and then, basking in the glory of my own accomplishment, i fell into a very sound, deep sleep.

the easter bunny did not anticipate that thing one would find the golden egg under her pillow at 4:26 am. the easter bunny also did not anticipate that thing one would actually wake up thing two to search for her golden egg at 4:27 am. finally, the easter bunny definitely did not anticipate that things one and two would then bounce into my bed at 4:29 am to see if i was also a lucky golden egg recipient.

the easter bunny was very pleased when things one and two agreed - without putting up much of a fight - that everyone would be much happier if they were allowed to sleep until at least 8 am without further interruption.

we all did.

happy easter to you and your families!

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