carrots and sit ups

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

in less than three days, i will be donning a blue dress at a dear friend's wedding. i have been on a mission from god-only-knows-where to get in some sort of shape other than the shape i was in for the last few months.

as we approached the final push, cee decided to take over the workout reins...she's been my personal trainer for the last two weeks, and you should all be jealous because she really good at what she does. there was even a questionaire i had to complete and a commitment contract to sign before we could start.

so basically the last fourteen days have been filled with me doing 20 sit ups at a time, cee rewarding me with carrots and water for my efforts, and jay cheering us both on in our vicious quest.

my beta carotene intake is off the charts right now...

and in a very strange way, i feel like someone's pet rabbit.


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