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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

yes, i love him. he can be serious and all business when he needs to be…

but good grief, he can also make me laugh until i have tears streaming down my face and i can’t quite catch my breath.

yup, he’s done it again with ridiculist brilliance.

here are links to the greatness in no specific order (because these are all-world top three).

1.) tonight he got the giggles about dyngus day (and i did, too).

click here for clip - giggles at 1:40
2. in august, gérard depardieu cracked him up in a huge way.

click here for clip - major giggles at 2:33

3. and last may, he hopped on his pageant mom soap box.

click here for clip
this is why i love him oh so much, and this is why he’s on my life list.

mr. cooper, thank you for the good times!


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