Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ladies and gentlemen:

here's the 257th reason why i love my job. on monday, i asked my sweet eleven and twelve year old students to answer this prompt:

who do you think invented the staar test?

after brainstorming as many creative options as they could possibly muster in two minutes flat, their next task was to write a paragraph justifying their answer about the 'best' item from their brainstorm. finally, they were given the opportunity to illustrate the inventor.

remember that part where i said a paragraph? well, some of my kids are just super fabulous and hate to simply conform to the bare minumum. it's precisely students like that who are most apt to produce greatness like this...

one day when george washington awoke from his bed, he walked to his royal kitchen and there sat his butler jubohakino (or jubo for short). 

'mr. washington, how did you sleep?'

'i want my coffee,' he groaned.

'well i think we are out, sir. but we have orange juice,' replied jubo.

'i want coffee,' he said.

'we don't have any, sir,' jubo said softly.

' i hate my life,' george washington said softly.

just then mr. washington's wife (mrs. washington) walked in and mr. washington said, ' i want a divorce. get out.'

his wife was so surprised that she cried until finally mr. washington left and continued his quest of terror.

he popped a kid's balloon.

he stole ice cream.

and later that afternoon during his world wide speech, he declared that kids must run coffee shops and coffee makers at all times. all day, every day.

he also made a test that would make kids suffer. forever.

he called it the staar.

and this is absolutely, positively why i love my job from here to the outer realms of the galaxy...and back.

in case you're the type who needs a visual to complete the glorious creation that's been presented to you, calm your worries immediately. i would never leave you hanging like that. voila...

...for it is now that i boldly present to you a modern-day george washington (please excuse the  goatee - it was a long trip for him).

do you see the parallel structure in the writing of this novela? do you love the repetition within the syntax? do you see the subtle rhythm and flow?

because i do.

and i think it's absolutely spectacular.


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