time management = epic fail

Friday, March 2, 2012

i started a new class this week. naturally, i waited until tonight to accomplish all of the assignments that are due in less than four three hours from now.

i have been very excited about the reading assignments for this course; however, i am currently in the process of diagnosing myself with massive amounts of sudden-onset adhd as we speak.

i have found everything from a-z to assist in my already-stellar procrastination skills for the last three four hours. i have taken pictures of things i wouldn't normal photograph.

i have googled things that do not interest me. i have read reviews of books and movies i don't want to read or see simply to reinforce to myself the fact that i don't want to read or see them. i have written a blog post about procrastinating to help me further my procrastination efforts.

essentially, i have been a very unproductive human being since about 5:30 this afternoon.

on top of that, i have a new interface for my course: blackboard...and i do. not. like. it.





which makes the procrastination easier.

and more painful.

and more sporadically random.

there have been some big changes to the it's just me household in the last couple of days, and i'm sure i'll fill you in tomorrow, but i can tell you i've googled those changes as well.

the girls are with their dad this weekend {sad face}, basketball season is over, and tomorrow morning is my day to sleep in. if i am awake before 9 a.m., heads will roll. :)

peace and procrastination {and another glass of wine}...

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