teflon? or maybe titanium...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

have you ever wished you could spray your children down in a solid (yet harmless) coat of teflon? or maybe even titanium?

i've always seen my role as a parent as a very multifaceted task:
keeping them safe ~ ensuring their optimal health ~ providing a happy home ~ stimulating their minds in productive ways ~ teaching them how to contribute to society ~ creating in them a sense of charity and compassion ~ showing them how to be appreciative ~ modeling the golden rule for them ~ manners matter ~ the ten second rule doesn't work when we aren't home...

obviously there are lots of bases to try to cover.

for awhile, i was under the impression that if i did my job well as a mother, then when they turned 18 (or 30), i would feel confident with the work i'd done for them and i would trust that they would make the right decisions at the right times. obviously, this impression was before i had children, and now i know that no matter how old they are, i will never stop worrying about them regardless of how well equipped they are to face the world.

just when i think i have one element of parenting slightly figured out (like stimulating their minds in productive ways), thing one leans her precious head into the house from the back yard and asks, 'mom, can i plant a sock to see if it grows?' and i instantly wonder why she thinks it's plausible for a sock to grow.

as a teacher, i don't really question the system because this obviously falls in the catch-all category of 'things they should just know.'

and just when i consider putting all of my eggs in thing two's basket, she leans her sweet head in to ask if there's another spare sock that she can plant...because it's not fair if only cee plants one.

this soil is going to be expected to put in some over time in the miracle department

they have both been challenging several aspects of my parenting lately, but my primary concerns have been in the category of me keeping them safe at all times. when life becomes unpredictable, things get a little dicey.

we've been going on bike rides/dog walks a lot lately (they are riding their bikes, i am walking the dog). in the last two weeks, even with my admonishments for them to watch out for cars and obey all of the signs they see, i ultimately still have lots and lots of work to do.

jay has almost pedaled herself directly into moving vehicles.


neither of them were going fast, and luckily the cars saw her and stopped well before she realized the peril of her sitaution.

my most basic question to jay is a simple why?

my follow up questions include (but are not limited to):
~how did you not see that car?
~isn't it a basic human reaction to avoid plowing into things that are bigger than you...especially when those things are potentially lethal?
~don't our instincts quietly whisper to us to stay safe (and is she listening to hers)?

cee, on the other hand, has fully mastered the art of safe bike riding. however walls and flat, level surfaces have become an overnight obstacle for her. in particular, walking into them and/or tripping on them is posing a problem.

i've been told that in jay's case, it's a matter of awareness and learning to monitor and minimize her distractions.

i've been told in cee's case, it's simply that she's growing and adjusting to her longer legs.

i've been assured that both of these are developmentally in sync with 95% of kids their age.

but i'm not convinced and there is a part of me that wants to invent a teflon coating for them so we can avoid the bumps and bruises that are the ultimate result of these lapses in judgment/development...and that's why i feel like i should gently toss them in a coat of invisible armor.

until i can find some sort of child armoring device, i will continue to take advantage of all the teachable moments that i can and i will continue to jump in the paths of speeding bullets that seem to be flying their way recently.

parenting is a never-ending job, and i'm looking forward to every part of it that's ahead of us...especially the unexpected stuff.  oh, and i'll keep you posted on the socks.


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