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Monday, March 12, 2012

in case you haven't heard, it's south by southwest week in austin. i was gently reminded of this as i sat in parking lot-esque traffic for well over an hour today on my way home from a weekend of fun.

i have high hopes that this t-shirt will be an unexpected best seller this year...

speaking of south by southwest, i always love looking at the band names on the lineup. usually there are some really funny names...a couple of years ago, i found my all-time favorite: we were promised jetpacks. they're back at sxsw this year (!!!), and i don't know why anybody with a name that great would ever part ways. my fave last year was trampled by turtles (and i still love their blue grassy twanginess).

this year's names were slightly disappointing to me as only one stood out immediately: he's my brother she's my sister. that's just amusing to me...short, sweet, and to the point, and plus you don't have to really do band introductions during the wicked drum riff because you already did it.

the la weekly had a sweet blurb about them too...'their voices mingle like glamour in the desert and serve up party music for coyotes drunk on champagne.' i haven't actually heard their music, because i figured i shouldn't mess with something that's already good as-is.

runners up this year are wheelchair sports camp, frank (just frank), and two cow garage. 

okay - i feel like i've failed you...but that's the best i could do with what i was given. 

tomorrow we have an exceedingly fun day planned with good friends, and then we're south bound for our own getaway. ahhhh, i love spring break and spending time with my funny girls! they make daily contributions to my laugh lines, and i am perfectly okay with that because laughter is the best medicine.


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