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Saturday, March 24, 2012

what an incredible day! spring has sprung, and today was one of those days where we were able to enjoy every bit of its arrival.

the girls had their first soccer games of the season, and we'll call the soccer gear our first wardrobe change of the day (because technically we started the day in our jammies). they both played so well - all of the kids did. there's something about being part of a small town that i wish could be bottled and sold...

i honestly love all of the people i see most saturdays because of sports. don't get me wrong - the few saturdays of each off-season are wonderful because we can sleep in and get a slow start. but it really does warm my soul to watch my kids grow up with kids they've know most of their lives.

after soccer, we came home for our second wardrobe change: we had a wedding shower to attend near lake travis. i'm in a wedding on april 21st. i am so honored to be a part of it - the bride, heather, is someone who had a huge part in raising my babies. she was their pre-k teacher, and then she was a babysitter for us. but she's so much more than that. she practically lived with us for awhile, so she's more like family in my eyes.

on top of that, her parents opened their home to the girls many weekends when heather would keep them, so it isn't just that heather is like family, but her family is also like family. when she moved away to start her own life, the axis of my world shifted a little bit. needless to say, going to her shower today was a million flavors of wonderful. she has grown up with such an amzing group of women to support her, and it feels good to be a part of that.

after the wedding shower, we had our third wardrobe change. the girls had a birthday party at maybe the coolest kid place ever: stunt ranch. the little birthday boy is jay's age, and his older sister is cee's age. all four of them went to daycare together, and heather (the bride) worked with all of them!

the owners of this place create stunts in movies - the activity coordinator does pyrotechnics (i'm certain she did not fully appreciate my katniss everdeen reference). but they also have the most amazing set up (including trapeze school - who knew...). the kids did a ropes course for the first hour, and the second hour was zip lining! absolutely awesome!

again, the parents of these kiddos are some pretty special people to me.

i'm not normally one who gets my batteries recharged by going and doing...usually being home is my 'thing'...of course there are a handful of exceptional people i really and truly love who i didn't get to see today...

but after a day like today, i'm thinking of just four words:

my cup runneth over.

we hit up torchy's on the way home because it was a perfect patio night. they were playing the eagles and lyle lovett, the girls were happy and laughing, and it was a great way to end an already stellar day.

we've all participated in wardrobe change number four, and our day has come full circle. we're in our jammies watching madeline, and soon we'll all be crawling into bed...time to settle in for the night (and one of us will be sipping a lovely glass of vino in t-minus 5 minutes).

peace, perfection, and love...

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