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Saturday, March 31, 2012

i went to see the hunger games today - finally!! let me start by saying that i was very tempted to bring the girls with me last weekend so we could be a part of the opening weekend madness, but i couldn't get past the pg-13 rating. and the fact that my girls are nowhere near 13.

they have definitely seen pg-13 movies, but not without my blessing. my blessing comes from knowing the content is something they can handle (read: something that won't give them nightmares or make them ask questions i'm not ready to answer). i even asked a couple of friends who saw it if they thought the girls could handle it - they both said yes. but i really couldn't make myself take them without knowing how violent and gory it might be.

so i waited. the girls are with their dad this weekend, and as soon as soccer was over this morning, i bolted to the theater. it wasn't as violent as i thought it would be, the special effects were great, and i love-love-loved the costumes! the tracker jacker scene put my morning into perspective (cee had a scary run-in with her head and an angry fire ant pile...), and the whole audience was captivated. for the entire movie. which almost never happens!

as i was watching the previews from my perfect perch (the seats where you can rest your feet on the bars without bothering anybody), the theater started to fill up and i noticed there were lots of kids cee's age. i was starting to feel a little overly-protective and helicopter-y about my pg-13 theory with the girls. but i promise i wasn't judging anybody for their choice - i think everyone generally knows what works best for their own children.

and then a mom sauntered in with her two kids...one cee's age, one jay's age. they chose the seats right by me and i ended up sitting by the one who was jay's age (the mom sat in between them - we were totally on the same page with that).

as the movie began, i got so drawn in that i completely forgot there was a seven year old next to me. it was that good. as a mom, there were a couple of parts that tugged at my heart strings (those same parts would have made jay super sad). and then came the part where rue was shot in the chest with an arrow.

because i'd read the books, i knew things weren't looking good for her at this point (spoiler alert: rue dies.), but i did not expect what happened next. as rue died, the mom of the kid sitting next to me started weeping. uncontrollably. this alarmed her kids, but i don't think her crying startled them as much as her jumping over the comfy foot rest bar and bolting out of the theater. dukes of hazard style.

then her little boy (who was sitting right by me) started whimpering and then crying quietly. whether because of his mom's unexpected disappearance or the sight of another child dying on the screen - i don't know. but there were huge alligator tears running down his face. i wanted to comfort him, pat him, offer him a piece of gum, or something...anything. he was upset. and alone.

i didn't feel like any of those would be appropriate gestures to a child i don't know. so i did the only safe thing i could think of to do. i dug in my purse and found the closest thing to a tissue that i could. unfortunately, it was from a set of cocktail napkins i received yesterday. fortunately, it was dark and this sweet child couldn't read through his tears and sudden sense of abandonment.

the mom did come back...eventually, and the little boy was fine for the rest of the time. but seriously - if you're going to bring your small child to a movie that is frightening for him (or her), please do not dash out of the theater and leave your frightened child behind. please? i feel like this is not too much to ask.

moving on...

now that i'm done being all judgemental and holier than thou, i would like to hop off of my soapbox and let you know that after watching it, four things are 100% certain:

1. i loved the movie!!
2. i wouldn't have lasted five minutes in the arena.
3. if i ever change my eye make up, i would like to adopt lenny kravitz's golden eye liner.
4. while we're talking eye make up, i would also like to borrow katniss's subtle (but fabulous) lashes from the crowning ceremony.

both photos courtesy of glamour.com
will i take the girls to see it? probably not at the theater. cee could handle it with no trouble, but she does have bad dreams easily. jay is such a tender-hearted kid, and i really don't think she would be able to process many of the scenes as fantasy.

i still have lots to accomplish on my to-do list for today, so need to wrap things up for this post.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend...and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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