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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...i've had a lot on my mind lately and i've been keeping myself über busy as a faux diversion. as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end...

1. i have an incredible group of kids this year, and i have just over two months left with them (sigh). this is a group i will super miss because they are just that awesome. the bright side: i get to watch most of them bloom for two more years.

2. i have a new little girl who told me two weeks ago about a party she went to the day before. she called it an 'end of treatment' celebration, and i naturally assumed that it was for a family member who was getting out of some sort of rehab. nope...she has a nine year old little brother who just finished a wicked round of chemo for his leukemia. how does a twelve year old process that? how do her parents process it? how does her little brother process his own illness?

3. soccer season is starting again, and jay has a little girl on her team who is a cancer survivor. she has horner's syndrome as a result, and this causes her to have paralysis of her oil & sweat glands as well as some of her nerves. i think it's remarkable that she is playing! but i know i will worry about her each time she's on the field.

4. cee is going through some 'stuff' (no, not that kind of 'stuff'!!). i'm not really sure i'm doing the right things or giving her the right advice. the lack of know-how is frustrating to me (and for her, too). it's a weird, but temporary, impasse.

5. i was ever so gently reminded of my age several times in the last couple of weeks. i know, i know - i'm not old, but i realized that i'm not young, either. depending on how you look at it, this can go one of two ways. i'm not sure which route i've decided to take just yet or how to wrap my mind around this new realization.

6. there are some other things that i have been worrying about a lot more than usual, and i guess those have been weighing on me, too.

so even though it's spring and things are supposed to be perky and green and blooming right now, i'm kind of feeling funk-ish. which stinks.

however, i'm a glass-half-full kind of girl. therefore, i have to appreciate that i've been lucky to have shared the presence of these people and experiences. usually these experiences teach me lessons, put things into a better perspective for me, and shed light on my blessings.

if that was their intended purpose, then mission: accomplished! for some reason, i feel like there is a deeper meaning in some of these things that i might not really 'get' for awhile longer.

that's the part that's kind of gnawing away at me right now. i feel like it's gnawing a little more aggressively than necessary, but what can you do?

in the meantime, i have to share the source of one of my major distractions lately:

yup. bubble shooter. ridiculously addicting and consuming...and mind-numbing.'ve been fairly warned. :)

ahhhhh - i have to tell you, i feel slightly better now that i've gotten that off my chest.


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Mama O. said...

Hey, there! I am sad to hear you so funk-ish. Definitely not your natural state. But guess what? I'm a mom! And I had two girls! And I've been a teacher! And I have a phone! Call me. **MWAH**

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